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Jewish Background to New Testament Studies - series 1

Jewish Background to New Testament Studies Jesus the Jew - the historical Jesus
Jewish sects: Pharisees, Essenes, Sadducees
Jesus the Teacher - a rabbi come from God
Jesus and the Torah - fulfilling the law
Jesus and the temple
Jesus and Jewish prayer

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Studies in the Old Testament Prophets

True religion in the Prophets
Literary style & wordplay in the Prophets
Covenant in the Prophets
The love of God in the Prophets
How prophecy was received
Messianic prophecy in the Prophets

The Bible - what’s in and what’s out

The Original Language of Scripture
Earliest books and documents of the Bible
The Canon & Text of Scripture
Textual variations & Bible versions
Apocryphal References
The Old Testament in the New

Jewish & Hebraic insights into Biblical Interpretation - 1

Poetic Parallelism; the Beatitudes
Wordplay - humourous God, serious message
Parables and Midrash
PaRDeS - 4 levels of Biblical meaning
Linking verses together as one - charaz
Prophecy and how to interpret it

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