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The notes represent full teaching notes from taught sessions at local churches and bible college, as well as itinerant speaking engagements, and invariably contain more detail than on the relevant tape. The tape and notes combined represent a good study resource enabling you to concentrate on understanding rather than notetaking. For many courses there are now disk based versions available with full indexing and hyperlinking. The content is deliberately not watered down but all technical terms are explained and additional material, references, Greek and Hebrew notes, are kept in as footnotes for you to pass over, refer to or come back to at a later date.

The notes are provided in files and the tapes in presentation cases. computer based bible study

The notes are now also available as Adobe Acrobat or multimedia ENVOY files on floppy disk/CD which any PC can read since the viewer program is embedded with the document. So now you can study on your PC and take just the disk wherever you go. The Acrobat and ENVOY files allow full searching, are bookmark indexed with hypertext links, and feature cut and paste to other Windows programs.

Much of the material is derived from Hebrew and Greek study, Jewish Talmud, Early church history and literature, and principles of Biblical interpretation current in the early Jewish-Christian church. The aim, nevertheless, is to equip the Biblical student with tools and resources, rather than just answers. To bring the Bible alive with Christ-centred scholarship.

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What kind of student are you?
Your own attitude to study and application can be discerned from a Jewish parable:
"There are 4 types of disciples that sit in the presence of teachers: the sponge, who soaks up everything [without discernment], the funnel, who takes everything in and then lets it all out again [no retention or application], the strainer, who lets out the wine and keeps the sediment [only remembers the irrelevant] and the sifter, who extracts the coarse flour [erroneous teaching] and keeps the fine flour [true teaching]." (based upon Mishnah, Aboth, 5.15)